The world Greatest TV show, Bluey, is back! NO. 1


Among the Greatest films of 2023 is The Night of the 12th.

The world Greatest TV show, Bluey, is back! NO. 1

The world’s greatest TV show, Bluey, is back!

Every time I watch Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, there’s a scene that makes me cry. When Matthew McConaughey visits an alien planet,

he knows that seven years will pass on Earth for each hour he spends there. However, something goes wrong, and it takes longer than he thought to complete the mission.

When he departs the planet, he finds that twenty-three Earth years have passed. Now grown adults, his children whom he left behind on Earth have grown up without him.

In any case, it hurts my feelings because it’s essentially the same as being a Bluey fan who isn’t Australian.

This morning, ten Bluey episodes debuted onDisney+. You’ve probably known this for weeks if you have kids who are old enough.

And if you weren’t, you can pretty much count on these episodes to run nonstop during the summer vacation. Since Australians received these episodes a full year ago, I’m hesitant to refer to them as new.

A year passes between a Bluey episode’s Australian premiere and the day it is released globally, owing to some intricate licensing arrangement involving the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, BBC Studios Kids & Family, and Disney+.

This implies that nearly everyone who keeps up with these things will be knowledgeable about the most recent Disney episodes.

They will be aware that Lin-Manuel Miranda portrays Major Tom, a talking horse, in them. They’ll be aware that in one episode, Bluey and Bingo’s elderly personas, the Grannies, make a comeback.

They will be aware that, despite being manually animated by a human, Bluey disputes being a human creation in one amazing episode.

The world Greatest TV show, Bluey, is back! NO. 1

The world Greatest TV show, Bluey, is back! NO. 1

The good news is that Bluey is still possibly the greatest television show ever, based solely on these ten episodes.

Each seven-minute episode is a stand-alone short story, with the majority of them flirting with the limits of what can be considered a kid’s program.

We are aware of Bluey’s ambition because we have already witnessed time-jumping (in Camping) and head-spinning, epoch-spanning tales about the past and future of humanity (in Flatpack).

Thankfully, it has discovered a few fresh methods to defy the structure.

This episode has a fictitious conclusion. Although I haven’t watched it with my kids yet, I have a legitimate concern that it will blow their skulls apart.


It continues to be a show that appeals to parents just as much as kids. Bluey’s dad, Bandit, is still the greatest father in the world; he’s always there, always available, and he creates new games that he regrets almost immediately.

Due to its enormous success, Bluey has begun to slyly poke fun at lesser works (see the dreary Paw Patrol clone that opens Turtleboy), happy to show that it knows what kind of garbage we usually have to watch.

Even better, Onesies tackles the topic in a remarkably intelligent manner and presents a character who is childless by choice.

You will devour these episodes several times over and discover amazing new information. Since that is what Bluey does and this is who he is, after all.


However, that hasn’t lessened how excruciating the wait was. It has also not helped that the next batch of episodes will not be available for another year because they have just concluded their Australian broadcast.

This hurts more because, as of right now, one of them, called Cricket, has an IMDb score higher than that of Sleepytime, the magnificent show from season two.

And you realize that the upcoming year is going to drag a lot when you consider that Sleepytime made headlines for being the highest-rated television episode ever.

The world Greatest TV show, Bluey, is back! NO. 1

The world Greatest TV show, Bluey, is back! NO. 1

Which brings up Interstellar once more. Now eight years old, my eldest child. He and his brother would only watch Bluey when it first came out on Disney+. He was still excited, if a little less so than when the first batch of season three episodes aired last year.

Though I’m sure he’ll watch these new episodes with the same enthusiasm as before, I’m beginning to see that he requires more prodding to begin watching Bluey. I’m worried that when Cricket comes out, he’ll be nine years old, all sighs and fringe and fake disdain, and he’ll think Bluey is only for young children.

And by the time we see the season’s last three episodes (which haven’t even been released in Australia yet and about which I’m extremely excited for a completely different reason), it’s possible that Bluey will have completely moved on from him.

Being a parent, you become accustomed to your kids outgrowing things suddenly. In fact, Joe Brumm, the show’s creator, and his crew are working extremely hard to shield Bluey from any perceived decline in quality, which is why new episodes are coming out slowly.

However, I have a selfish desire for every episode to air at precisely the same time, right now, on all continents. I detest the idea that Bluey is the greatest thing on television.

The world Greatest TV show, Bluey, is back! NO. 1

The world Greatest TV show, Bluey, is back! NO. 1
The world Greatest TV show, Bluey, is back! NO. 1



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The world Greatest TV show, Bluey, is back! NO. 1

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