The Top Movies of 2023 That You Might Have Not Seen Now


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The Top Movies of 2023 that you might have not seen

The Top Movies of 2023 that you might not have seen

The top 2023 movies that you might not have seen

You Offended My Emotions

A year ago, You Hurt My Feelings was a huge hit at Sundance. Of course it was; Woody Allen-esque middle-class Manhattan first-world problems cerebral comedy-dramas star Nicole Holofcener and Julia Louis-Dreyfus like a crack team.

However, it was released way too soon in the US and way too little in the UK, going straight to streaming. That’s insane: this is a fantastic image that is new, humorous, real, and fascinating.

To put it briefly, Louis-Dreyfus is a novelist who overhears her shrink husband (Tobias Menzies) telling his friend that, despite his assurances to the contrary, he didn’t like her most recent manuscript.

Though it may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, the films barely touch on this kind of betrayal (or, perhaps, loyalty),

which is handled with wit, intelligence, and delicacy that only heightens the shock. Absolutely worth watching, and I don’t just say that. Catherine Shoard

The Top Movies of 2023 that you might not have seen

The Top Movies of 2023 That You Might Have Not Seen Now

The Will-o’-the-Wisp

With a short running time of 67 minutes, packed with spontaneous musical performances and slightly erotic, homoerotic antics, João Pedro Rodrigues, the rap mogul from Lisbon, never had much chance of breaking through to the general public.

Whatever, it doesn’t matter to him; he’s thinking about other things, like environmentalism, inequality, and Portugal’s shameful colonial past through the story of the conceited twink prince who decides to leave his opulent family and experience real life.

One of the wicked games of just-the-tip with taboos, he finds it at a firehouse crawling with jockstrapped hunks who quiz him on fine art by posing in tableaux vivant as various paintings and sculptures.

(In the sauciest, Rodrigues views the class dynamic as a literal circle-jerk, which relieves the tension.) It’s the perfect – and very open!

– marriage of high-minded philosophizing with obscene base pleasures, because they’re too smart to be simple smut and too hornt-up to slip into windbaggery. Bramesco Charles

The Top Movies of 2023 that you might not have seen

Negative Press

Documentaries exist that explore obscure local details, examine systemic injustices, and follow remarkable individuals through turbulent times.

Then there’s Bad Press, which accomplishes all three and offers a ton of examples of tough journalism. Bad Press, which is directed by Rebecca Landsberry-Baker,

a Muscogee Creek native, and Joe Peeler, a white man, explores a broad topic through the journalists at Mvskoke Media in Okmulgee, Oklahoma: the absence of free press protections within Native American tribes,

which is a direct result of discrimination, displacement, and the special status of tribal sovereignty. When the Mvskoke staff returned to work in 2018,

they discovered that the tribal council they were reporting to had taken over final editing duties, despite the fact that only five of the 574 federally recognized tribes still have free press protections.

How would you respond? One of the best and most insightful documentaries of the year, Bad Press is at once bracingly direct, funny, layered, inspiring, and infuriating. It’s a film that should be seen by more people. Adriana Hodges

The Top Movies of 2023 That You Might Have Not Seen Now

Fortune’s Operation: Ruse de Guerre

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, the first of two Guy Ritchie films released in the spring of 2023, bombed in North America, despite doing some respectable business in a few other places (what’s up, Australia!).

In other words, it bombed big time—not in the Disney sense, where it “made a bunch of money but also cost too much to turn a profit.” (It won’t even rank among the top 100 American grossers of the year by year’s end.)

Unfortunately, Ritchie continued his post-franchise run with one of his most entertaining films to date—a somewhat low-rent yet entirely delightful mash-up of Mission: Impossible, Ocean’s 11, and, well, the unstoppable Jason Statham.

This happened in a year when certain tried-and-true blockbuster formulas seemed to suddenly lose their appeal to audiences and streamers failed to pick up the slack.

Along with the equally charismatic Aubrey Plaza and recent Ritchie rep players Josh Hartnett and Hugh Grant, Stath seems to be having a blast in this strange little group where everyone fits right in.

To infiltrate the inner circle of an arms dealer (Grant), Statham, Plaza, and their group of blase super-spies enlist a Hollywood celebrity (Hartnett).

But in reality, the film is about Ritchie pulling off a lighthearted caper revival that exudes cheer that Netflix (Red Notice) and Apple (Ghosted) have spent countless millions of dollars failing to accomplish. Hassenger, Jesse

The Top Movies of 2023 that you might have not seen
The Top Movies of 2023 that you might have not seen



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The Top Movies of 2023 that you might not have seen

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