Comic Books: Is James Gunn’s ranking of his 5 best comic book movies accurate?


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Is 5 Best Comic Book Movies Accurate of James Gunn in Ranking

Comic Books: Is James Gunn’s ranking of his 5 best comic book movies accurate?

Is James Gunn’s ranking of his five best comic book movies accurate?

James Gunn has been extremely busy recently. In between filming the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the third and final installment of the MCU, and preparing for Superman: Legacy, his debut DC Studios project, the well-known director has every right to neglect such trivial activities as breathing and eating. (I’m not serious, but the man is really busy!)

Nevertheless, Gunn managed to take a break from choosing the actor who would best play Superman to reveal a shocking secret. During a GQ interview, Gunn was questioned about his top five comic book movies and the reasons behind them. The list of Gunn’s selections is below, and surprisingly, it doesn’t contain a single MCU film.

Comic Books: Is James Gunn’s ranking of his 5 best comic book movies accurate?

5. The 2016 film Deadpool

It’s not surprising that Gunn chose Tim Miller’s Deadpool because Gunn’s sardonic sense of humor complements the self-referential, deadpan humor of the Merc with a Mouth. The reason Gunn chose it is surprising, as the director claims that the film’s success stems from its ability to blend the outrageous humor of the Marvel Comics source material with a touch of heart and a grounded treatment of the character, who is frequently outrageous.

Naturally, Gunn is 100% correct; there’s a reason why Deadpool was a huge hit when it came out in 2016 and why fans still adore the film and the character today. Although the superhero genre has seen a lot of use of the “doesn’t-take-it-too-seriously” approach, Deadpool never gets old.

This is largely because actor Ryan Reynolds, who had been nervous about playing the lead, at last found the perfect part to focus his energy into and realized his dream of being a leading man.

4. The 2013 film Oldboy

Whoa, a comic book about Oldboy? Sort of. Gunn dabbles in multiple formats; we’ll overlook the fact that Oldboy started out as a manga, which isn’t the same as a comic book. Why? Since Oldboy is amazing, I would take advantage of any chance to discuss it. For instance, even though Sally Field doesn’t appear in Oldboy at all, I would still include it in my list of Sally Field’s top five all-time favorite films. (But wouldn’t it be awesome if she did?)

I’m getting off topic. According to Gunn, the film “reinvented action,” and he is entirely correct. Oldboy, who was described as “gross, beautiful, and shocking,” dared to focus on violence and show the spectator every nuance of a fight.

One of the most iconic fight scenes in contemporary film history is the one-take sequence in the hallway, which also served as the model for Harley Quinn’s insane breakthrough sequence in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

The plot, which centers on a man seeking revenge on the invisible person who put him in prison for fifteen years, is straightforward and brutal, but the revelation at the end is both perfectly reasonable and unexpected. Watch Oldboy right away if you haven’t already, and rewatch it if you have.

Comic Books: Is James Gunn’s ranking of his 5 best comic book movies accurate?

3. Violence Throughout History (2005)

Sure, it’s just another “wait, this was a comic book?” film, but A History of Violence meets the criteria because it was first released as a graphic novel by Paradox Press and then later by Vertigo Comics.

The protagonist of the tale is a seemingly unremarkable family man from Indiana named Tom Stall, who kills the robbers with efficiency and coldness to foil a violent heist at his restaurant.

Following the national publicity that the incident receives, enigmatic men start to show up in the small town and claim that Tom is actually Joey Cusack, a violent Irish mob member with a violent past.

Gunn notes that the action sequences in the movie, which defy expectations of a traditional “good guys versus bad guys” narrative, had an impact on him.

The brilliant thing about A History of Violence is that it shows how terrible things can be done by anyone in the David Cronenberg movie, and Tom can only be saved once he comes to that realization.

In addition, three outstanding performances are featured in the film: Viggo Mortensen as Tom/Joey; Maria Bello as his wife, Edie; and William Hurt, who received an Oscar nomination for his role as Joey’s shady gangster brother, Richie.


2. The 1978 film Superman

Is it any wonder that the 1978 masterpiece Superman directed by Richard Donner, which many regard as the first modern superhero film, appears on this list? Any serious comic book reader would rank the most recent Man of Steel reboot among their top five, even if Gunn weren’t helming it.

Despite being produced during the disco era and with Burt Reynolds as a sexual icon, the film has remained timeless for forty years thanks to its masterful cinematography.

Comic Books: Is James Gunn’s ranking of his 5 best comic book movies accurate?

What more can be said about the movie itself? Nothing compares to Margot Kidder’s portrayal of Lois Lane, Gene Hackman is a captivating Lex Luthor, and the practical special effects are still awe-inspiring.

In the GQ interview, Gunn notes that although a lot of people talk about how amazing Christopher Reeve was in the lead role, not many talk about how much fun he brought to the part.

Gunn’s interpretation of Superman is guaranteed to have that component, which immediately elevates it above Zack Snyder’s violent, cynical portrayal in the steadily deteriorating DCEU.


1. The 2018 film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

What surpasses Superman? What about a film that was released less than five years ago? No, it’s not Morbius; instead, it’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The film debuted to little fanfare in December 2018 but immediately won a ton of awards, including Best Animated Film in 2019.

After watching it, you’ll see why it’s so beloved—the film is a visual marvel and one of the rare, if not the only, to successfully convey the dynamic energy and dynamism of a comic book universe.

In a nutshell, the tale: After Spider-Man dies and young Miles Morales assumes control, Spider-Mans from alternate dimensions show up, and the youthful hero has to overcome challenges in order to truly come into his own.

This traditional coming-of-age tale is presented with innovative animation that is already having a significant impact.

Since “there isn’t a bad beat in it” and the action, story, and emotion are all perfectly balanced, Gunn thinks Into the Spider-Verse is the best. With that, who could argue?


Comic Books: Is James Gunn's ranking of his 5 best comic book movies accurate?
Comic Books: Is James Gunn’s ranking of his 5 best comic book movies accurate?



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Comic Books: Is James Gunn’s ranking of his 5 best comic book movies accurate?

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